Batik Solo Wholesale Place

Batik shopping in the form of wholesale is indeed an option for most people. By reason of wanting to resell the batik. Shopping on a wholesale basis does have more advantages than buying retail. This is because the prices obtained are cheaper. The following are wholesale batik solo shopping in Solo at super cheap prices.

Batik Solo
Batik Solo

1. Pasar Klewer
This market is very well known by the public. So that it is always crowded with tourists from various countries. Although not all sell batik, but this market also provides batik solo in the form of wholesale. To get batik in this market you don’t need to worry because the price offered is very affordable.

2. Kampung Batik Kauman
This Kauman Batik Village is located south of the Great Mosque of Surakarta and not far from Klewer Market. Here provides various types of batik such as handwriting batik, printed batik and a combination of the two. Besides you can shop batik, you can also try making batik in this place. The price is very affordable but the quality is maintained. For the reason of price and quality, this place has become a subscription for tourists both domestic and foreign.

3. Kampung Batik Laweyan
This one batik village is very special among the people. Because not only as a batik village but also as a cultural preserve. There are around 50 batik outlets offering a variety of batik motifs. The price offered is also not too expensive so anyone can’t miss batik solo shopping here.

4. Pusat Grosir Solo
Pusat Grosir Solo or commonly known as PGS abbreviation. In this place offers various kinds of batik ranging from traditional batik to modern batik. Especially for those of you who want to shop wholesale, this is a place that must be visited. For those of you who are still curious, this PGS is on Jalan Mayor Sunaryo, Solo, Central Java.
5. Beteng Trade Center
Right next to the Solo Wholesale Center, Beteng Trade Center is also a cheap batik shopping center in Solo. Beteng Trade Center or known as BTC provides various types of merchandise here, ranging from batik cloth, batik clothes, shoes, sandals and much more. Here you can also shop wholesale at lower prices. This place consists of three floors, where you can get batik clothes at low prices and quality on each floor.

6. Lumbung Batik
As the name suggests, this batik shop is like a barn of batik clothes because it provides batik clothes with various types and motifs. Lumbung Batik is located on Jalan Agus Salim 17, Sondakan, Laweyan.

7. Batik S128
Not far from Lumbung Batik approximately 30 meters to the east, precisely at Jalan KH Samanhudi No. 128 there is a well-known online batik shop, namely Batik S128.

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